Fabrique d’histoires (HdN), Marseille, 2011

“Fabrique d’histoires” Hôtel du Nord, Marseille France, 2011


About the Project:
The HdN project in Marseille was a long-term project focusing on the
conservation of social heritage.
In 2011 the cooperative HdN was founded with the objective to valorize
economically the actual heritage of the 15th and 16th districts of Marseille
in order to preserve it in life and to improve the life-quality of the
people who live or work there.
It was an interdisciplinary collective work with architects, sociologist,
graphic designers and the cooperative‘s team. Elaborating
communication‘s strategies and participation in the project‘s concept
development. Working In-Situ for a week, taking part of the pilot plan,
that means being host by the locals and participating in the activities
planned for the project, we got to experience the place and its people.
Noticing that everyone has a story to tell, something to share and that
the active participation of both host and visitor are equally important for
the project‘s success. We came to the concept of ,The Factory of Stories‘.
Stories bond us, allowing the participation from the teller and the listener,
they weave an intangible net that supports social heritage. Traditions
give continuity to places and its people.
HdN proposes to discover Marseille in an alternative way, offering the
visitor a personal interaction with the place and its people. From the
B&B hosting experience throughout other activities such as solidarity
tourism, heritage walks, local products, books, image and sound-walks.


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