“The right hand” (03)

TS2 Hand nails -2TS2 Hand nails -6


After my hand surgery I started making photos of my hand, of the recovery process. Somehow this doing became part of the healing process. I was and still am looking for alternative ways to deal frustration and anger in order to avoid being agressive to myself.

Searching for details, tiny little things to cheer me up, to help keep the spirit high and go through. I found myself changing paradigms, reflecting on my scale of values and working on restructuring it. Seeing and feeling things in a different way, this is also a learning experience, an intense one.

What is beauty, where do we find it, how and why is it important, if it is…
Questions about the body, the way it looks, its functions, how we take for granted every tiny little movement we make only as long as we are able to.

It’s been 5 months and all this process is still on, still an eye opener, still hard, still transforming, still beautiful, still painful.

These photos are part of a series of works I am developing around this.

In this post are some photos I already intervened with threads.


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